Services - Electrochemistry

The service range of the electrochemistry branch of METAKEM includes the following activities, which are competently executed according to effective quality and environmental standards:

  • Planning, design and manufacture of application-specific anode solutions
  • Consulting on the shielding of (un)soluble anodes and their manufacture
  • Repair of damaged anode structures
  • Welding of titanium, niobium, nickel, and other special metals
  • Recoating of used anodes
    • Replatinising
    • Reactivation with mixed metal oxides (MMO)
  • Precious metals recovery from used platinised anodes and platinum refund

Not only the service life of electrodes, but also of the electrolytes essentially depends on the physical and chemical parameters present in the area of use. The service life can be significantly prolonged and the product life costs sustainably lowered, by selecting the correct electrode type, combined with precise engineering and designing to fit the conditions available.

The oftentimes high expenses for the creation of sophisticated electrode base structures for dimensionally stable anodes suggest having used electrodes recoated after the presumed end of use. The precious metals recovered in this process are refunded taking into account the repair and processing costs.