Bright silver bath for extremely brilliant white coatings – ideal for decorative and technical applications.

Bath type: Cyanide-base
Silver content: 45 g per litre
Layer: Silver
Max. layer thickness: 25 µm
pH-value: 11,5
Bath temperature: 25 °C (20-30 °C)
Current density: 0,5 – 1,2 A/dm2
Deposition rate: 1 µm / 2 min at 1 A/dm2
Type of application: Decoration + technics
Delivery form: Make-up:
Silver-BRIGHT-100 (45 g Ag / L)
Silver anodes + Brightener A + B


Antitarnish-M-100 is delivered in 100ml- and 1000ml bottles.

Anti-tarnish Solution for Silver – based on an aqueous, metal-free tarnish protection solution. Used preferably for electrochemically deposited silver surfaces. The transparent, organic, extremely thin protective layer is applied in a dipping method. It is ideal protection against the influence of hydrogen sulphide. The appearance and the electric characteristics of silver are hardly influenced at all. The solderability and bondability of the treated silver is guaranteed. The product is free of chromium (VI) and solvents.

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