Ruthenium is characterised by having a good abrasion resistance and hardness. Ruthenium electrolytes from METAKEM are used for technical and decorative applications. Dark, anthracite-black coatings are deposited. The coating colours can be influenced by addition of blackening additives. Ruthenium electroplating baths are used in particular for the selective deposition on for example gold – to achieve high-contrast surfaces in terms of colour.


Strong acidic ruthenium bath / electrolyte for the galvanic deposition of grey ruthenium layers. The addition of blackening additive Ruthenium BLACK 500 B results in dark anthracite coatings – depending on the added amount of blackening additive the dark colour can be individually adjusted.

Bath type: Strong sulphuric
Ruthenium content: 5 g per litre
Layer: Ruthenium
Max. layer thickness: 1 µm
pH-value: < 1
Bath temperature: 60 °C (55-70 °C)
Current density: 50 A/dm2
Deposition rate: 1 µm / 2 min at 9 V
Type of application: (Black-) Ruthenium plating
Delivery form: Make-up:
Ruthenium BLACK 500 (25 g Ru/l)
Ruthenium BLACK 500-R (salt)


The blackening additive Ruthenium BLACK 500-B is specially designed Ruthenium BLACK 500. The addition of this blackening additive results in L-values of < 60 at the colour level.

Type of Additive: Blackening additive for
Ruthenium BLACK 500
Dosage: 2-6 ml per g Ru (depending on desired blackening level)
Replenishment: 4 ml per g precipitated Ru,
and after working intermissions
Delivery form: 100 ml bottles


Ruthenium R 5 is strong acidic ruthenium bath / electrolyte used for the deposition of grey and – by addition of its blackening additive Ruthenium R 5 B – black anthracite coatings.

Bath type: Strong sulphuric
Ruthenium content: 5 g per litre
Layer: Ruthenium 99,9%
Max. layer thickness: 1.5 µm
pH-value: 1.5
Bath temperature: 70 °C (60-75 °C)
Current density: 1 A/dm2
Deposition rate: 1 µm / 12 min at 1 A/dm2
Type of application: Jewellery, faucets, clothes utensils
Delivery form: Make-up and replenishment:
Ruthenium R 5 (50 g Ru/l)
Blackening Additive: Ruthenium R 5 B (100 ml)


High-quality black ruthenium pen / brush plating solution for decorative applications. Ruthenium SP is ideal for the selective, manual ruthenium plating of small surfaces – resulting in abrasion-proof, black anthracite, bright coatings.

Bath type: Weak sulphuric
Ruthenium content: 20 g per litre
Layer: Ruthenium 99.9%
Max. layer thickness: 0.3 µm
pH-value: < 1
Bath temperature: Room temperature
Voltage: 10 V
Type of application: Decoration
Delivery form: Ready-to-use solution (2 g / 100ml)

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