Formula Designation Form
PdCl2 Palladium(II) chloride Powder, > 59% Pd
H2PdCl4 Tetrachloropalladium(II) acid Solution, up to 20% Pd
Pd(NH3)2(NO2)2 Dinitrodiamminepalladium(II) Moist powder, 40% Pd
PdCl2(NH3)2 Dichlorodiamminepalladium(II) Powder, ~ 50% Pd
Pd(NH3)4SO4 x H2O Tetraamminepalladium(II) sulphate Crystals, ~ 32% Pd
Pd(NH3)4SO4 Tetraamminepalladium(II) sulphate Solution, 70 g Pd/l
Pd(NO3)2 x nH2O Palladium nitrate Powder, > 35% Pd
Pd(NO3)2 Palladium nitrate Solution, 15% Pd
Pd(CH3(CH2)6COO)2 Palladium(II) octanoate Oil
Pd(NH3)4Cl2 Tetraamminepalladium(II) chloride Powder, > 40% Pd
Pd(NH3)4Cl2 Tetraamminepalladium(II) chloride Solution, 10% Pd
Pd(NH3)4(NO2)2 Tetraamminepalladium(II) nitrite Solution, up to 100 g Pd/l
(NH4)2Pd(SO3)2 „Palladium sulphite“ Solution, 50 g Pd/l
Pd(SO4) Palladium sulphate Solution, 200 g Pd/l
Pd Palladium Sponge


Product specifications on request.