HAuCl4 Tetrachloroauric acid Solution with up to 40% Au
HAuCl4 x nH2O Tetrachloroauric acid Crystals with up to 52% Au
(NH4)3Au(SO3)2 Ammonium gold(I) sulphite Solution with 100 g or 200 g Au/l
K3Au(SO3)2 Potassium gold(I) sulphite Solution with 100 g Au/l
Na3Au(SO3)2 Sodium gold(I) sulphite Solution with 100 g Au/l
KAu(CN)4 Potassium gold(III) cyanide Salt with 57% Au
KAu(CN)2 Potassium gold(I) cyanide Salt with 68% Au
HAuBr4 Tetrabromoauric acid Solution with 100 – 200 g Au/l
Au Gold Granules, purity > 99,98%


Product specifications on request.