An extensive product range of semi-finished products is available:

Expanded metals 

  • (titanium, niobium, nickel, copper, hastelloy, stainless steel)


  • titanium: rod material, bar material
  • niobium: rod material
  • titanium clad copper: rod material, bar material


  • (titanium, niobium)


  • (titanium, niobium, platinum)


  • (titanium, niobium, nickel, hastelloy, stainless steel)

Further semi-finished products such as tantalum upon enquiry for example. The expanded metal / mesh types of titanium and niobium are listed under „Products“ -> „Platinised Titanium“ resp. „Platinised Niobium“.

The following table lists an overview of the materials of the offered semi-finished products:

 Material  ASTM       DIN
 Titanium  Grade 1  3.7025
 Grade 2  3.7035
 Grade 3  3.7055
 Grade 4  3.7065
 Titanium with Pd  Grade 11  3.7025 Pd
 Grade 7  3.7035 Pd
 Titanium Alloys  Grade 5  3.7165

Furthermore, we deliver anode baskets and cathodes – upon request with the shielding developed by METAKEM in customer-specific dimension.

Product specifications on request.