METAKEM is specialized in development and production of products and processes for precious metal chemistry end electrochemistry.
METAKEM offers its customers a wide scope of services in the fields of electro- and precious metals chemistry.
Precious metal products, anodes, reference electrodes, semi-finished products and anode baskets cover our product range.

Metakem GmbH

Electro- and precious metal chemistry. Made in Germany.

METAKEM GmbH Your specialist for precious metal and electro chemistry. Since more than 40 years.

Today, METAKEM produces dimensionally stable anodes (platinised or mixed oxide activated titanium and niobium). The product assortment includes special anodes such as e.g. the newly developed “shielded anode” as well as reference electrodes for cathodic corrosion protection. The repair and recoating of used anodes are part of the service range of the electrochemistry branch.

METAKEM is further a renowned manufacturer of ultrapure precious metals compounds and electroplating baths / electrolytes based on gold, platinum, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium, and iridium for decorative and technical applications. Here the processing and recycling of precious metals completes the activities of the electrochemistry.


Overview of our portfolio


Made in Germany

METAKEM is offering its customers a wide scope of services in the fields of electro- and precious metals chemistry.

The complexity and various interactions between anode and electrolyte require an comprehensive approach in order to achieve technologically and financially optimised results.

Besides planning, construction, production and repair of various kinds of anode solutions we replatinate or reactivate your anodes with mixed oxides and take care of recovery and recycle of precious metal from used platinised anodes.

In the field of electrochemistry we offer not only highly pure precious metal electrolytes and compounds but also its precious metal recovery of used baths and other liquids.






Precious metal recovery